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The object of the game is to guess a secret 5 letter word which the computer has chosen for you at random. This word may contain repeated letters, for instance the computer may choose SKIPS or QUILL.

Your job then is to guess the secret word in as few guesses as possible as fast as possible. Your guesses must be real words.

Playing the game

To Start a game hit the Start Game button.

Cinco Game Example The computer will select a secret word for you and bring the keyboard into view. Begin the game by entering your first guess word. When you hit "Done", the computer will tell you how many letters in your guess word match letters in the secret word. It will also tell you how many of those letter appear in the same position in both words.

For instance, if the secret word is SALTY and you guess LAKES, it will tell you that there are three letters in common (S, A, and L) and that one is in the proper position (A).

Note that common letters are only reported once. Therefore, if the secret word is PUNCH and you guess NINNY, it will only report one letter in common even though you have three N's in NINNY.

Cinco Game Example Now let's say the secret word is LEMON, but you guessed MELON. You have all 5 letters right, but you haven't guessed the word. So you would see Matching 5, In Position 3, meaning you have identified all the letters and reflecting that the E, O, and N are in position.

Getting the position information can also help you solve letters along the way. Here's a simple example:

You know the K is a matching letter since it is the only letter that changed between the first two guesses. And you know that either the W or the E is in, since only those 2 letters differ from the first guess. But because you know K is the last letter, E can't be in and be the last letter. So you can decide that E is out and W is a match.

Continue play by tapping on a letter in the guess area and type a new word. Game continues until you get 5 matches with 5 in position. You have then guessed the secret word, and you have won the round.

Using the scratchpad

Cinco Game Example To the right on the game board you'll see an array of 26 buttons with all the letters of the English alphabet. You can use these to change the visible display of the letters to help you remember which letters you've eliminated and which letters you think are sure things.

Clicking a scratchpad button once causes that letter to change to Red. The game uses red to show that the letter has definitely been eliminated as a possibility. Clicking the button again changes the letter to blue. The game uses blue to indicate that the letter is known to be a letter in the word. Thus, if you guess a word like ZILCH and the game reports 0 matching letters, you should red out the letters Z, I, L, C and H as you know these letters are not in the word.

Giving up

If you simply can't seem to guess the word, click the "I Give Up button" and the computer will reveal the word to you.